110" 16:9 6cm Fixed Frame Matt White Screen



The Classic uses a traditional 65 mm visible ÒPictureÓ frame approach, the frame is approximately 50% stiffer than previous models (or our competitors). This combined with cross bracing prevents bowing, ensuring your aspect ratio accuracy for years to come.


Waves or ripples in the screen surface change the focal length, and therefore the focus. Though the difference is slight, the loss of sharp detail is easily noticeable in a side by side comparison. This is particularly obvious with images that ÒpanÓ across the screen, which appear as varied depth perception with pushing and pulling compromising the images.


Our Classic Fixed Frame shares the same 4K Cinema graded fabric as our Classic Series Motorised models. The matt white fabric used for the Classic Series is produced by applying a PVC coating on a fiberglass substrate, creating a very flat surface for minimal vision distortion across its 160 degree viewing angle. This cinema graded white fabric delivers clean whites with colours that remain bright and lifelike with no shift in hues and a gain of 1.0.


All Accent Visual screens perform beautifully with Full HD - UHD and 4K.

Size/ Aspect EAN Code A B H W
100 Inch 16:9 9338784002400 2344 1375 1245 2214
110 Inch 16:9 9338784002417 2565 2565 1370 2435
120 Inch 16:9 9338784002424 2786 1654 1494 2656

109 Inch 16:10 9338784002431 2478 2478 1467 2348
123 Inch 16:10 9338784002448 2786 1790 1660 2656